About Us

We started The Smiling Planet because we know the power of a smile and all the benefits it provides. We are a small group of friends who want to spread the joy of a smile around the world. 

The power of a smile can do wonders.

We love to share this message through stories and photos. Please feel free to join in and share our mission of helping create more smiles by promoting healthy teeth, gums and hygiene with a simple like, share, tag of our Facebook page, The Smiling Planet. We are so thankful of any content, happy stories, beautiful smile pictures or anything that has to do with a healthy smile, so that we can spread the word around the world.

We are also interested in hearing and learning about any place, situation, person, or event around the world that we can donate or contribute awareness to. Please share with us through our Facebook page and we will be happy to do all we can to help!

Thank you so much,

The Smiling Planet Support Team